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The Noble Swan Hotel & Spa
The Noble Swan Hotel & Spa

About Swan Spa & Treatment

Swan Spa & Treatments, a private sanctuary of harmonizing the mind, body and spirit through a well-rounded of services to refresh you while you are in our city. Situated in the first floor of the hotel, this grandeur spa offers treatments such as facial treatments, skin treatments, traditional Vietnamese massages, detox sessions, waxing services and many more. Open from 10:00 AM to 10:00 in the evening daily, all of the services can be combined to create a personalized wellness experience that you deserve.


We offer a wide vanity of spa & wellness treatments

Facial refreshment:

  • Skin analysis, steam, deep cleanse, exfoliation and a mask are included
  • Price: 30mins/350k – 45mins/420k – 60mins/500k

Basic facial care:

  • Deep cleanse, moisturizing by very fine skin care products
  • Price: 45mins/400k – 60mins/550k

Facial care:

  • Using honey or yogurt to help to glow skin
  • Price: 45mins/500k – 60mins/550k

Collagen therapy:

  • A process to improve skin glowing, elasticity, reduce wrinkes and to tone up the skin
  • Price: 60mins/650k – 75mins/750k

Facial care with seasonal fruit:

  • Strengthen skin, input vitamins to skin to make it glow and attractive
  • Price: 45mins/400k – 60mins/500k

Anti aging facial treatment with gold mask:

  • Using special treatment with gold mask to improve skin heath and anti aging
  • Price: 60mins/900k – 75mins/1100k

Swedish massage:

  • It deals with various techniques which are aimed to relax muscles through utilization of soothing long strokes. It is also effective in reducing stress while making your circulation improve a lot. In addition, it lessens the recuperation period from muscular strain through flushing of the tissues of uric acid, lactic acid and other metabolic waste
  • Price: 60mins/400k – 75mins/500k – 90mins/600k

Traditional Vietnamese massage:

  • its start as medical treatment focusing on blood circulation and pressure points to help relieve stress and tension. It may sound rough to people who is unfamiliar, but the technique is very soothing and relaxing. It’s a combination of punching techniques and clapping techniques
  • Price: 60mins/450k – 75mins/500k – 90mins/600k

Hot stone massage:

  • An ultimate journey of relaxation features smooth heated basalt stones and warm oil to relive tense muscles and sore joints, while improving circulation, claiming the nervous system, increasing energy and promoting a feeling of physical and mental relaxation
  • Price: 75mins/600k – 90mins/650k

Head, Back & shoulder massage:

  • The deeply relaxing massage focuses on areas around the neck, shoulder and across the back. A variant of the classic Back, Neck and Shoulder technique is the Back, Neck and Scalp (or Head) massage and also the Chinese-based Daoyin Tao Face, Neck and Shoulder massage treatment
  • Price: 45mins/350k – 60mins/450k

Deep tissue:

  • This firm and masterful massage originated from Japanese acupressure techniques. If focuses on deep pressing on tender or sensitive points that offers stress relief, lower heart rate, release toxins, and allow the body naturally heal itself
  • Price: 75mins/650k – 90mins/750k

Synergy massage:

  • A combination massage utilizing the best of Thai, Shiatsu and Aroma massage techniques to stimulate the body’s meridians; resulting in energy, balance and restoring health.
  • Price: 90mins/700k

One time waxing service:

  • Chin: 150,000 VND
  • Half arm: 250,000 VND
  • Eyebrow: 120, 000 VND
  • Back: 450,000 VND
  • Chest: 400,000 VND
  • Full arm: 300,000 VND
  • Lower legs: 450,000 VND
  • Under arms: 150,000 VND
  • Bikini line: 300,000 VND
  • Bikini full: 500,000 VND
  • Upper lip: 120,000 VND

Permanent waxing :

  • Mustache: 1500k – Special offer: 750k
  • Chin: 1,500k – Special offer: 750k
  • Forehead: 1,500k – Special offer: 750k
  • Face: 4,000k – Special offer: 2000k
  • Armpit: 2,000k – Special offer: 1000k
  • Back: 2,000k – Special offer: 1000k
  • Belly: 3,000k – Special offer: 1500k
  • Half two arms: 3,500k – Special offer: 1750k
  • Full two arms: 6,000k – Special offer: 3000k
  • Full two legs: 5,000k – Special offer: 2500k
  • Full two legs: 8,000k – Special offer: 4000k
  • Bikini: 3,000k – Special offer: 1500k
  • Full body: 10 sessions: 15,000k
  • Belly: 10 sessions: 8,000k
  • Thighs: 10 sessions: 8,000k
  • Biceps: 10 sessions: 5,000k

Our Top Wellness & Spa Package

Relax Day

  • 2h00
  • Swedish massage
  • Refresh facial
  • Fruit Juice
  • Daily fresh pastry

Deep Tranquil

  • 2h30′
  • Steam bath
  • Vietnamese traditional massage
  • Fruit juice
  • Daily fresh pastry

Unleash the Energy

  • 2h30′
  • Synergy massage
  • Facial refreshment
  • Fruit juice
  • Daily fresh pastry
  • Fresh fruit

Swan Special Package

  • 3h00
  • Refreshing facial with gold mask
  • Viet+Thai massage
  • Daily fresh pastry
  • Fresh fruit


Foot Massage 45 minutes for only 10 USD (50% off)


Best massage with affordable price in Hanoi. Vietnamese traditional massage is well presented here and I had free sauna and steam bath. Staff is very helpful and friendly, no communication barrier, they seemed to understand my requirement well enough. The location is inside old town, walking distance to most places.


US Tourist

You can’t miss Swan Spa if you visit Hanoi. My journey wasn’t completed without visiting this hidden gem. Their tradition massage is incredibly brilliant, very affordable price. We never receive such reasonable price back home for such professional and throughout massage session. This is 100% is on any traveller’s list.


US Tourist

I could throw my air ticket away to stay at Noble Hotel and go to this spa every evening. I stayed in Hanoi for 2 weeks as a base to explore the north of Vietnam. I received 10% off the spa menu that one of the reason I go there whenever I can. The ladies are so friendly and sweet that we became friends. My favourite is the synergy massage.


US Tourist

Best massage with affordable price in Hanoi. Vietnamese traditional massage is well presented here and I had free sauna and steam bath. Staff is very helpful and friendly, no communication barrier, they seemed to understand my requirement well enough. The location is inside old town, walking distance to most places.


US Tourist



Monday – Sunday: 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM

Address: 20-22 Chan Cam, Hoan Kiem, Ha Noi

Phone: +84 243 823 8302

Email: info@tkswanspa.com

Policy:Pregnancy policy: it is a must for both client and therapist to be comfortable during treatments. Not all of them are suitable for pregnant clients. We may evaluate your health condition and ask you to sign a disclaimer from before performing the treatment
Service receivers to speak what you want: If you prefer male or female therapist, we will choose for you
During session: feel free to communicate to our therapist for stronger pressure, softer pressure, blanket if you feel cold or lower music volume etc
Fill out a disclaimer form before receiving services: any particular problems with your physical hence our therapist to adjust accordingly
Spa etiquette: some treatments required your clothes to be taken off, please feel free to inform our therapists to keep them on.